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Company Overview

Lightning Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd is a customer focused and customer driven Organisation, who strives through teamwork for constant 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Mission Statement is:

“To be the premier provider of technical services to conference, leisure and entertainment industry”

Since 2015 we have been building a reputation for technical excellence and such is the acknowledged recognition and reputation of our skills within the industry that we have even been sub contracted by our competitors to provide the technical expertise for major events.

Well experienced staff of our company can specify, deliver, setup and operate with a 24/7 service to match your specific requirements.

Further we hire out equipments for various functions such as Conference, Weddings, Fashion Shows, Launching Productions and Exhibitions. We also cater for Clubs, Bars, Hotels, Sporting Events, Live Band Shows and DJ’s, Coorporative Events, Gala Dinners and many more Cooparate sector initiatives.

We understand from our own extensive experience, the commitment required to deliver all the necessary technical services for any major live event.



Mr. Kushan Kurukulasuriya

Chairman / Managing Director

Mr. Kushan Kurukulasuriya has been in the Audio Visual Production industry for over 10 years and has gained invaluable experience during the due period of time.

The success behind his journey is the passion that he builts on sounds and stage lightning. He has specialized and mastered in Audio Visual Productions.

Mr.Kushan had followed Sound Engineering Course in 2001.

He moved on in education with BTech.

He began his career as a Stage Lighting technician and moved on in the career as a Stage Lighting Manager.

Started his own Company in 2015 Lightning Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd

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